SpareOne Features

The world’s only emergency mobile phone powered by a single AA Battery.

Keeps its charge for up to 15 years*. Battery included. Now Locate and Alert Services-capable.

SpareOne Emergency Phone

Simple. But with all the features you need in a backup phone.

Powered by a single AA battery for up to 10 hours of use*. Able to make emergency calls, even without a SIM card.

SpareOne Emergency Phone
SpareOne Flashlight

Keeps its charge for up to 15 years*

SpareOne can hold its charge, if unused, for up to 15 years*. Battery included. The battery isolator tab ensures that battery drain does not occur, and must be pulled out the first time one places a call.

SpareOne Flashlight

Up to 10 hours* of talk time*

This means you have plenty of connectivity hours to last you your whole trip or keep you connected during a major power outage or disaster situation, all on one battery. With a quick change of a battery, you have 10 more hours of talk time, without having to find an outlet and wait for charge time.

SpareOne Flashlight

One-touch, large SOS button

Designed to easily reach emergency and medical services, no SIM card is required in most countries (disclaimer). This button comes programmed to dial 911 or equivalent numbers based on your SpareOne’s region. This can easily be re-programmed to your desired one-press, quick contact number.

SpareOne Flashlight

Auto-text reply

In the event that someone should send a text message to your SpareOne, an automatic text response is sent back informing them that you cannot read text messages and can be reached via phone call instead.

SpareOne Flashlight

Waterproof bag containment

SpareOne ships in an IPX7 certified waterproof bag. The bag is floatable and submersible up to 1 meter, with audibly clear talk-through sound, allowing you to have conversation while in the bag with out worry of environmental elements. The phone in bag also affords a little extra room to include personal necessities or small emergency supplies like a driver’s license and bandages, providing you an immediate necessity kit, when all else is potentially destroyed.

SpareOne Flashlight

LED torchlight (Flashlight)

SpareOne’s bright LED light can be accessed quickly as a flashlight or can provide up to 24 hours of continuous light, making this phone several tools in one.

SpareOne Flashlight

Extreme weather operating range

Disaster situations or outdoor adventure activities are often accompanied by extreme weather conditions. SpareOne can operate at a great temperature span of -22F to 140F. This range is impressive for a basic mobile phone, and even far greater than that of a smartphone.

SpareOne Flashlight

Programmable Numbers

Although SpareOne does not have a screen, it does have the ability to program 9 important numbers and document them on the menu sticker provided for a visual reminder of what numbers you have programmed. It is recommended that this step is done when you first receive the phone and before storing it away.

New SpareOne Plus Features

SpareOne Flashlight

Audible feedback

SpareOne provides audio feedback by audibly repeating the number dialed. This feature also audibly repeats operational messaging such as missed calls and keypad lock notifications.

SpareOne Flashlight

SOS torchlight

In the event you are unable to speak, or the background noise of a situation is far too great for your voice to be heard, the bright LED light located on top of the phone will flash in Morse code to show you’re asking for help or in distress. Simply hold down the SOS torchlight button (image) for 10 seconds.

SpareOne Flashlight

Panic siren

As a complement to the SOS torchlight mode, SpareOne Plus is now equipped with a panic siren. When in distress, utilize the loud audible siren by holding the volume button for 10 seconds (image), and the panic siren will aid in attracting attention.

SpareOne Flashlight

Location & alert services-capable*

Take full advantage of your SpareOne Plus by activating your locate and alert service capabilities. Based on cell tower triangulation, you can check the approximate location of your registered SpareOne Plus phone within 100 meters. Also maintain peace of mind knowing that if the large center SOS button is pressed, your designated recipients will receive an immediate alert (via SMS and email) of the distress call and a visual map of the phone’s location. The service pack is a separate service that must be purchased either in a bundle at time of original purchase, or it can be purchased separately and applied to any SpareOne Plus.

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Locate and alert services are only available and compatible with SpareOne Plus, not the previous generation SpareOne models or any other manufacturer’s phone devices. The service pack is an optional item that must be purchased and activated via computer, before functionality can occur.

Powered By a Single AA Battery

The world’s most common battery. SpareOne comes with the highest grade AA available, an Energizer L91 Lithium battery. SpareOne’s AA battery is replaceable and also works with regular Alkalines, rechargeable NiMH or Lithium primary AA batteries.

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Location & Alert Services

Upgrade your SpareOne Plus and be able to program a list of contacts to be alerted when the emergency button is pressed, view the phone’s approximate location on a map, and to remotely customize the 9 speed dial numbers and Emergency Call Button.

  • Locate and follow your SpareOne Plus
  • Emergency alert by SMS/e-mail
  • Programmable numbers
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The SpareOne comes in two different GSM frequencies

Please be aware, international SMS rates will apply when you are traveling. To avoid high rates, buy a local SIM card in the country you are traveling in.

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