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SpareOne is committed to helping everyone LIVEPREPARED.

During a disaster or an emergency, staying connected and communicating with others is critical. The SpareOne emergency phone can save your life.


Fundraising for Preparedness

Fundraising for Preparedness

Enable your local school, club, church or organization to raise maximum funds by offering SpareOne phones to help their communities LivePrepared. It’s an easy, life-saving device that benefits the organization and the recipients in need.

Sell, show and share the opportunity to own a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind emergency communication device – a must for all preparedness kits.

Simple fundraiser, no need to purchase or inventory product

Social media tools provided for optimal success and fundraiser outreach

Customized phone design options available

Exciting rewards and attainable goal-setting mentorship

Donating for Disasters

Donating for Disasters

Provide the GIFT of SpareOne phones to victims and volunteers impacted by local emergencies and devastating natural disasters. The first 72 hours are the most critical; help keep them connected!

Provide phone connection to emergency services even when power is not available for hours or even days following a natural disaster.

Donate funds or a specific number of SpareOne phones.

Align your name and/or organization with the most innovative yet simple communication device to aid emergency and life situations.

Designate where you want to provide SpareOnes. Many types of organizations benefit by providing the SpareOne to their outreach audience.

Reach out now to learn more and get involved.