About Us

SpareOne is the only mobile phone in the world powered by a standard AA battery.

1.6 billion people around the world - a quarter of humanity - have no regular access to electricity. Lacking power can severely reduce a person’s ability to communicate; and a person with no power means a person with no means to reach out to the world.

SpareOne phone was created with these people in mind… Powered by a AA battery (the most common battery in the World) SpareOne ensures people are able to communicate, even without power.  As SpareOne grew, we realized that communication is desperately needed not only by the people regularly without power, but even by everyday people who have suffered from blackouts by natural disasters or have even simply forgot their cellphone at home.

We believe you should never be out of options and never feel stranded, especially when it’s a call that would make all the difference.

SpareOne Plus Emergency phone is the world’s only single AA battery powered, fully functioning emergency mobile phone with a 15 year shelf life. SpareOne Plus comes with a 24 hour torchlight with a flashing SOS mode, panic siren, audible feedback, a one touch Emergency Call Button, customizable speed dial numbers, and a Location and Alert Services upgrade option.